The tradition of Patachitra has been a focus of research among the scholars of folklore, literature and different disciplines of cultural studies. Visit to artists’ village Pingla, if you are a research scholar or a student who wants to interact with the traditional artists and experience the age old storytelling.

Here is some basic information on Patachitra.
Check out artists singing different stories.
Here is a list of academic articles on Patachitra.
Artists organize an annual festival POTMaya to celebrate their traditional art. Visit POTMaya to learn more about the tradition.
Check out how you as visitor can engage in POTMaya.

Here is an ethical guideline on conducting research with the communities.
1. Respect the artist and the community.
2. Seek permission before you record audio/video, publish photo and information regarding community and art.
3. Acknowledge names of artists with whom you interacted.
4. Share a copy of your published research (document or audio visual media) with the
Artist rights are protected through a Code of Practice. Check the full Code here.

You may browse toolkit on sustainable development here.

Go to HIPAMS-India website to know more about the process of developing heritage-sensitive strategies for promotion of this traditional art.