The Patachitra artists have formed a cluster of their own named Chitrataru in 2011. The cluster works not only for the growth of the art form but an all round development of their village

The togetherness of the Patuas of Pingla.

Pingla is a flourishing hub of more than 300 artists where they have formed a cluster named Chitrataru in 2011. The leading artists of the block form the governing body of the cluster. The objective of its formation has been a focus on marketing for better opportunities of the local artists and also a development of the village as a whole. The cluster also focuses on the training of the next generation in this art form. Further, the cluster also organizes the annual Patachitra festival- POT Maya in Pingla since 2010. At present, there are 21 members in the cluster. In March 2018, Chitrataru applied for the GI tag and have successfully received it. Currently, an initiative is being taken to develop their marketing plan along with the GI tag.


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