Krishna Lila

Monimala Chitrakar

This is a part of an entire subgenre of Patachitra, the Krishna Lila narrates the tale of Radha with Krishna’s love. this story is narrated with typical playful humor associated with Lord Krishna, as he tricks Radha into assenting to his advances, overcoming social boundaries and thus fulfilling the love they both share.


Under the tree Krishna strikes up a tune on his flute
All the village women are overwhelmed by the sound
Some dance some sing some take the name of Lord Hari
The embodiment of love, Radha falls to the ground
Hari ties up his hair with peacock feathers,
Wrapping around his hair many kind of flowers.
On Krishna’s feet sing golden anklets
Who is by kadamba tree?is it Krishna?
Radha asked when she went to fetch water
Just then Krishna appeared by the pond bank
Seeing him, Radha drew a veil over her face.
Krishna saw this ans said laughing out loud
You cover treasure worthy of kings
You are my nephew, I am your aunt
Yet you make fun of me, shameless Kanai(Krishna)
Let your husband Ayan Ghosh come
I will set his mistake right.
I will sell the cow in the shed and break his pride.
Let cows and foals follow me, I will take them along
Where O radha will I find woman as beautiful as you?
Why do you wish for another man’s wife?
Go home and tell your father to get you married.

I want to get married but fate got in the way
But when I find a gril named Radha, I will marry her.
Why do you look at another man’s wife?
Tie a water pitcher to yourself, drown and end your life.
Where, o Radha will I find the money to buy a pitcher?
Where, o Radha will I find a rope to tie it with?
O Radha your bosom is my water pitcher
The long hair of your head is my rope
The flow of love from you is like River Yamuna
That is the river I wish to drown in.
Don’t speak nonsense to me Krishna, I won’t listen
I don’t want to lay my eyes on your dark face.
Calling me dark is no insult, daughter of Bishnabanu
The Lord has made me dark, what am I to do?
Dark is Yamuna’s water that everyone drinks
And dark clouds bring rain which relieves the world
Dark is Yamuna’s water, why do you drink it too?
Why dress your beautiful eyes with darkness of kohl?
The raven and cuckoo are dark, dark are your eyes
And darkest of all is me Nilmani(Krishna)
Saying this much, Krishna whispered sadly
O flute of my hand, become a dark snake.
The flute became a snake in Radha’s path
And twisting around her right leg bit her left ankle.

As she was walking, Radha fell to the ground.
And she called out to Krishna to help her.
Where are you, O Krishna come here fast
I am in danger, come and save my life
Krishna said you are not mine and I am no one to you
If a dark snake bit you, what am I to do?
Krishna I will give you, what you are asking for
I have been bitten, please make me better.
Hearing this, Krishna sucked the poison out
And asked Radha if she felt better now.
The poison was gone, Radha recovered
And Radha-Krishna were united as one.
At Kanchbera of Kanchanpur, Radha-Krishna were united as one.
May all pf you share your blessings with me
And may Radha Krishna’s blessing make love eternal
Here I end my song, Monimala Chitrakar.