Durga & Ganga

Prabir Chitrakar and Baharjan Chitrakar

This Patachitra is a humorous rendition of a dialogue exchange between the goddess Durga and goddess Ganga that ensues when Durga becomes angry that Ganga lives on Shiva’s head.


Or else you will hear rude words.
O when you had married King Shantanu
Everyone knows about it
O listen dear Ganga
You had drowned seven of your sons.
O that was because of sage Astabashu’s curse that I had to drown them all
And later they were all saved
O listen dear Durga
That is why they had to die so young
O how did you kill your own children?
How can someone be so cruel

O listen dear ganga
What power do you have on this Earth?
I am the reliever of Heaven, earth and hell- the three Lokas
All creatures are happy because of my water.
O listen dear Durga
Your powers are only recognized on Earth.
I am Durgeshonashini Durga- the true woman.
I deliver all creatures from troubles.
O listen dear ganga
I am not a fallen woman like you.
O from when on did you become a true woman?
Let us hear the story from you.
O you had married your own son, hadn’t you?
Now that you have said so, you have to explain the story
O listen dear ganga
Or else I will hit you with a broom.
O when the unembodied Shiva had become stoic
He was born to you
O listen dear Durga
When you had married Shiva
That is because I was married 108 times
Why are you giving me a bad name?
O listen dear Ganga
That is why Horo(Shiva) became my husband.

Or if you had known from before that he was your son
O listen dear Durga
Now how are you going to show your face to the world?
O why did you marry an elephant?
You beggar woman
O listen dear ganga
You had married an animal
It was because of a devotee I had to marry
O that was because of a reason
O listen dear Durga
O the elephant’s stomach had burst
And this is where Ganga and Durga’s fight ended
Now with basic respect all of you reach
With your respective religions.