Who wouldn’t love to visit a place filled with colours and stories? Pingla, a serene village, 130 km away from Kolkata, would make an ideal bet for a day trip. The village Naya in Pingla is home to around 250 Patuas, a unique community of folk artists who are painters, lyricists, singers and performers-all in one. The tourists can interact with the artists, visit their painted houses where artists make those Patas and learn about how they make colours from the locally available plants and flowers. One can also collect some scrolls or other products as souvenirs. The tourists can visit the folk Art Centre that exhibit different types of scrolls and provide workshop space for them who want to try their hand in painting their own scroll. The artists also organise an annual festival POTMaya to celebrate their tradition.

Take a virtual tour to Naya, Pingla where songs and colours melt.
Experience the rural festival POTMaya virtually.
Check out how you as a visitor can engage in POTMaya.
Explore and collect the traditional and innovative products made by the artists.
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