Whether it is coronavirus pandemic or super cyclone, the frames of the Patachitra always reflect the contemporary times. Today Patachitra is not only painted in frames but used for space design for example in airports or museum galleries. The art galleries collect works and exhibit this traditional art for the aesthetic value of the Patachitra, the traditional and contemporary stories and influence of the tradition in cultural landscape of Bengal. The artists also take up commissioned work for galleries and museums.

Watch the digital story that explores the connection between this traditional visual art and art galleries.
Check out artists singing different stories.
Check out the basic information on this traditional art form.
Artists organise an annual festival POTMaya to celebrate their traditional art. Visit POTMaya to learn more about the tradition.

Here is a guideline for curators and staffs of art galleries while doing exhibition with the Patachitra and communities.
1. Respect the artist and the community.
2. Seek permission before you record audio/video, publish photo and information regarding community and art.
3. Acknowledge names of artists of collected artworks.
Artist rights are protected through a Code of Practice. Check the full Code here.

Contact the artists directly.