Santhal Birth

Santhal  Birth

Once upon a time from the saliva of a cow two insects were born. They were the parents of a duck and a drake. Amongst the Santhals Shiva is known as Marangburu. Hence Marangburu Shiva and Durga were the originator of this world. From a strand of Durga’s hair water came to earth. From the duck and drake Pilchu Buri and Pilchu Haram were produced who were the first ever human on earth. The entire world was formed from one single drop of Shiva’s blood. Shiva used locks of his hair for anchoring the world so that it doesn’t get dislocated. Fishes and reptiles began to take birth due to the presence of water. The worms prepared the soil to make it fit for cultivation. Domestic animals like horse, dog and cock came to the earth as yielding crops need animals. On the first morning on earth Pilchu Buri and Pilchu Haram drank ‘Hariya’ a local alchohol and became intoxicated which led to an argument. In acute rage Haram left Buri taking away all their seven sons and eight daughters. Pilchu Buri helplessly asked for suggestion from Shiva. On Shiva’s order Haram took the sons and Buri got the custody of the daughters.

One day the daughters of Pilchu met the sons while collecting herbs. They were happy and singing as the boys introduced themselves as Hesel Peira, Koche Karba, Dakar Dhuri, Hashi kora all of whom were clans of the drake. The girls were elated to introduce them as the clan of the duck. So they got married without having idea that they were siblings. Buri and Haram out of shame decided to commit suicide. Shiva and Durga were returning to Kailash but had to stay back to give a solution to the heart broken parents. A court was held in the water on a lotus. Shiva and Durga’s verdict stated that the clans of Kisku and Mandi henceforth won’t have any inter clan marriage.

Pilchu’s children celebrated by building houses, they performed rituals and did the worship of Bonga and Kariya. From the blood of the birds of prey rivers originated. A man named Goda Mandi who was the head of a village went to take bath in the river. A woman found a tangled hair and decided to marry that person. It was Goda’s so they got married.

But Goda was unable to meet the expectations as he had a problem in his leg so the woman left him. Goda was angry and insulted, so he stole the horse of the lady. After that the union of Kisku and Mandi totally stopped. The children of Pilchu decided to stop quarrels as life is very short. So after that they lived happily in harmony.