Kali Yug Pater Gaan

The Patuas paint tales on a long scroll of cloth and sing them as they unfurl the scrolls. This Patachitra, depicting the way of the modern world, is a dark and cynically humorous narrative that speaks of the social problems a village household may face in the twentieth century and the reasons behind it. read more

Ravana Badh

A story from one of the two epics of India, Ramayan, this Patachitra depicts the story of slaying of Ravana by Ram. There are many adaptations of Ramayan all over India, slaying of Ravan is one such episode which has several variants. In this Patachitra, Ram uses a special arrow retrieved by Hanuman, an ardent […] read more


This Patachitra song narrates the social evil of intoxication and the problems that arise because of the same. read more

Krishna Lila

This is a part of an entire subgenre of Patachitra, the Krishna Lila narrates the tale of Radha with Krishna’s love. this story is narrated with typical playful humor associated with Lord Krishna, as he tricks Radha into assenting to his advances, overcoming social boundaries and thus fulfilling the love they both share. Song Under […] read more


This Patachitra narrates the terrific impact of Coronavirus on human lives. read more

Satya Pir Pater Gaan

The Patuas paint tales on long scroll of cloth and sing them as they unfurl the scrolls. This scroll speaks of the great sufi saint Satya pir and his miraculous deeds. This narrative lays stress on the respect given to the saint in both Hinduism and Islam, thus urging communal harmony. Song Where are you […] read more

Santhal Birth

Once upon a time from the saliva of a cow two insects were born. They were the parents of a duck and a drake. Amongst the Santhals Shiva is known as Marangburu. Hence Marangburu Shiva and Durga were the originator of this world. From a strand of Durga’s hair water came to earth. From the […] read more

Durga & Ganga

This Patachitra is a humorous rendition of a dialogue exchange between the goddess Durga and goddess Ganga that ensues when Durga becomes angry that Ganga lives on Shiva’s head. Song Or else you will hear rude words. O when you had married King Shantanu Everyone knows about it O listen dear Ganga You had drowned […] read more

Yampata/ Yampala

Gadura and Hanuman are the two gate keepers/ guards of Jagannatha, Balarama and Subhadra. There was a king named Indradumna who stayed in penance for thousands of years to get the blessings of Lord Brahma. Brahma pleased with his devotion wanted to know his wish. Indradumna was quiet sure that Brahma won’t grant his wish. […] read more

Data Karna

Mahabharat, one of the two great epics of India, has several important characters. Karna, son of Kunti is one of them. He is known as ‘Danbir’ which translates to benevolent, generous. Depicted here is a story of the test conducted by Lord Krishna where he wanted to gauge if Karna was worthy of his name. […] read more