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Montu Chitrakar (Secretary)

Montu Chitrakar is an eminent Patachitra artist from Pingla block of Paschim Medinipur district. He started painting at the age of 10 and went on to become an accomplished artist by his early youth and won the district award for his skills. He has participated in events across India and also been to Australia and […] read more

Amit Chitrakar (President)

Amit Chitrakar started pursuing the tradition of his forefather from a very young age. He is a painter as well as the President of the artists’ society Chitrataru. He has been to different fairs and festivals in Bengal to promote Patachitra. read more

Rahim Chitrakar (Treasurer)

Rahim Chitrakar started painting when he was 10. Now aged 40, he prefers to paint in the traditional Bangla style of Patachitra painting. Rahim has travelled to Japan & Bangladesh. He is the winner of State Award and the Rabindra Bharati University Award. read more