Yampata/ Yampala

Yampata/ Yampala

Gadura and Hanuman are the two gate keepers/ guards of Jagannatha, Balarama and Subhadra.

There was a king named Indradumna who stayed in penance for thousands of years to get the blessings of Lord Brahma. Brahma pleased with his devotion wanted to know his wish. Indradumna was quiet sure that Brahma won’t grant his wish. But when Brahma promised to give him whatever he wants he asked him to destroy all of his 18 families including all his sons and grandsons as he doesn’t want anyone to be left to provide him water during his last breath. He said to Brahma that none of his sons have been able to meet his expectations. All of them are ruthless and indiscipline. Brahma granted him the wish in one condition that later on he would not be able to get his sons back.

Because of Brahmas boon the sons lost their lives. The whole kingdom including the king’s soldiers were shocked and sad so they requested Brahma to return Indradumna’s sons. But according to his condition Brahma refused.

Indradumna crossed Baitarani and reached heaven. While his journey he met Yama the god of death. He had dark complexion, red burning eyes and he always kept Dharma as his witness. Based on the gravity of the sins he decided punishments for the sinners.

In this world both sinners and kind people are present. Indradumna saw the sinners were going through different types of punishments based on the gravity of their wrong doings. Once a person refused to provide food to his old parents or even if he did he mixed cow dung with it so he had to enter hell with an earthen pot tied to his neck. An arrogant man was killed with a spear as he did not bother to show the last respect to his parents. One lost his tongue for telling lie and creating trouble amongst people another faced a severe outcome, he had to compensate an amount of his skin equal to the money he did not return on time.

Along with punishments rewards were also given for any good deed. A man named Ruhidas Muchi went to heaven in a ‘Pushpak Ratha’ as he was always kind to the people around him. He was greeted with auspicious ‘Harinam’ in heaven.

Indradumna understood that no one can escape from the eyes of Karma. He learned that whoever chants the name of Yama all his wishes are fulfilled.

Malin Citrakar, Majramura, Purulia